Two People get confused about their love for each other because of an obsessive alien spirit.

Written and Directed by Freddy Tang
CalArts / 2015 / 5 mins


Director’s Statement:
I explored to create an ambiguity that could address two different scenarios in one visual storytelling. This story appears to be a melancholy romance. The boy is confused about his real feeling when the girl challenges him before their kiss. But think though, what if an alien spirit does inhabit his mind and urges to transfer to the girl through a passionate kiss?  The sound of train is surreal, representing not only a feeling of parting but also the alien’s inhabitation in one’s mind. The ending scene, where the train sound reverbs again, reveals a cruel truth that the kiss is unfaithful and the alien is now inhabiting the girl, who originally thinks that the alien is only an excuse of his love towards her. With the two different interpretations of the alien spirit, the story fits two alternative scenarios – a melancholy romance or a sci-fi horror.

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