Fu-Jui Freddy Tang obtained his Bachelor and Master degree in law with an emphasis on financial and economic subjects in Taiwan. After five years of practicing laws as an attorney, he received a filmmaking scholarship from the Taiwan government and began studying Film Directing at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2015, where he is forming his artistic vision and cinematic skills as an independent filmmaker, focusing on fantasy narratives that address the bittersweet of real life. His proficiency in writing and image contributes to his unique creativeness as he progresses towards his goal as a visual storyteller. He is currently working on various projects as a writer, director, cinematographer and photographer.

1982 年出生,取得法律學士及碩士學位後,於 2010 年成為執業律師。 2015 年以台灣教育部公費留學生身份,赴美國加州藝術學院 (CalArts) 攻讀電影導演碩士學位 (MFA in Film Directing)。擅長於寫作、攝影及影像後製,以成為獨立創意工作者為目標,專注於影音敘事及製作技巧,致力於開發原創故事以及各類視聽作品。目前他以編劇、導演、攝影等多種身份參與各式影像、表演創作。