Author: Freddy Tang

Freddy Tang obtained his Bachelor and Master degree in law with an emphasis on financial and economic topics in Taiwan. After five years of practicing laws as an attorney, he earned a filmmaking scholarship from the Taiwan government and began studying Film Directing at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2015, where he is forming his artistic vision and cinematic skills as an independent filmmaker, focusing on fantasy narratives that address the bittersweet of real life. His proficiency in photography and graphic design also contributes to his collaboration with many theatre projects. He is currently working on varieties of projects as a director, cinematographer, and photographer.

爾後 Hereafter (2018)


Tormented by her husband’s death, the young widow is struck by chaotic memories and illusions in their apartment and becomes suicidal as she perceives her husband’s ghostly existence.


Written and Directed by Freddy Tang. (CalArts Thesis)
USA / 2018 / 12mins



故事簡介 Synopsis


After her husband’s accidental death, the young widow faces her grief alone in their apartment. The chaotic memories blur the boundary between reality and dream. The decision to throw away his belongings only proves her desperation. The vivid mirage gradually convinces her of his ghostly existence. She couldn’t suppress her feeling anymore and soon comes up with a crazy plan…

創作理念 Artist Statement 


There is no hate without love. The third and only alternative is grief. Don’t bother throwing things away because memory needs no media. My voice, texture and smell will turn into your magical realism. Suicide for love is a bad joke I should not have told you. If afterworld does exist, I will definitely come back for you as a ghost. If not, please allow the countless moments we shared to breeze in your dark night and navigate your hopeless drifting. After all, to live however is the most romantic thing you can do for me – that’s what our love is for.


夜衝 Rush to the Night (2018)


An awkward reunion of two parted friends triggers their night adventure to the time capsule they buried in school.


Written & Directed by Freddy Tang
DP by Freddy Tang
TAIWAN / 2018 / 18 mins


劇情簡介 Synopsis


BAO receives an unexpected phone call from NINETY, a friend who he hasn’t contacted for a long time. The reunion doesn’t bring them closer. Somehow, the awkwardness between them triggers their decision to dig out the time capsule they buried in school. Although they recall bittersweet memories through the adventure, the misunderstanding they had long before finally leads to a fight after the failure of their searching. However, to Bao’s surprise, the mysterious figures around campus corners, the unfinished basketball game and the secret romance in the past… all eventually contribute to this strange and nostalgic emotion of the magical night.


創作概念 Artist Statement

於是過去的我們開始解離,與現在的自己平行並存著,無時無刻地反覆辯證著那陌生又親密的人生感受 – 就像台北市不斷消失的天橋、埋藏過去和未來的時光膠囊,甚至是那支不再一起跳的舞… 我們只能在無處追索的回憶中,找到存在的真切意義。

Youthful days always carry a magical element as we recall them. With the nature of regret, passion and embarrassment, the memory from the past always make me feel contradictorily – dreamy yet realistic. The distance between the past and present then creates an alternative self that becomes the only proof of my own existence. Eternity is a relative concept since nothing ever stays the same. The moment we met and the times we shared were never too short to leave a glaring mark in this long dark night we called life.